2019 02 16

We cut the prices of almost all titles in our CD mail-order list in half! But you can still get discounts on them while ordering “Forgotten Path Magazine” issues. New titles in zine list as well!

2019 01 13

The wait is over – “Forgotten Path Magazine #10” is out! Interviews with Gevurah [Can], Shroud of Satan [Ger], Blaze of Perdition [Pol], Spectral Wound [Can], “Tour de Garde” [Can], Flagellant [Swe], Burial Hordes [Gre], Andhakara Caitanya [ – ], Crypts of Despair [Ltu], Chaos Invocation [Ger], Urarv [Nor], Profundum [Usa], Azaghal [Fin], and other usual stuff! Check our releases section for more info and place your order!

2018 11 07

Due to many reasons (that shouldn’t bother you), we are not able to release the new issue of the magazine this month (our usual November)… However, we are doing our best to present it until the fall of 2018. Therefore, for those that might be interested – please get in touch to book advertising space in our pages! The rates are extremely flexible!

Besides, as we need to clear some space and collect the needed budget, only until the 1st of December, we offer discounts on our mail-order items:

  • Tapes – 1 Eur per item.
  • CDs – 1-2 Eur per item.
  • Free postage for all orders over 30 Eur or parcels heavier than 2 kg!

All orders and information – only through forgotten.path.mag@gmail.com!

2018 03 13

Don’t hesitate to check our mail-order from time to time, as we update it with rare, but qualitable items. Besides, the shipping costs from Lithuania are relatively cheap compared with other EU countries. So get in contact, ask for discounts and choose the most comfortable shipping option for you personally – we’ll arrange the best deal possible!

In other news – no time for resting, we’ve already prepared some material for the issue #10!

2017 11 30

Winter is coming… Therefore, “Forgotten Path Magazine #9” is released! Interviews with Acrimonious [Gre], Marthyrium [Esp], Israthoum [Ned], Sisyphean [Ltu], “Amor Fati Productions” [Ger], Wiegedood [Bel], Ars Veneficium [Bel], Ulvegr [Ukr], Pénitence Onirique [Fra], Nox Formulae [Gre], Katakomb [Swe], “V.I.T.R.I.O.L Zine” [Fra], Stygian Temple [Ger], Acherontas [Gre], Harvest Gulgaltha [Usa], Туман [Hun], special article on “The golden era of Lithuanian 90s Pagan Black Metal” (Poccolus, Angis, “Dangus Productions”, Ha Lela, and others), and other usual stuff! Check our releases section for more info and place your order!

2016 11 30

As you probably have already noticed, we don’t update this site too often… Well, at least this section, as our mail-order is constantly being added with new names. But when we reveal anything, be damn confident – the news are big and important! And so, after exactly one year, the 8th issue of “Forgotten Path Magazine” is released! The new edition offers in-depth interviews with Qrixkuor [Gbr], Nidsang [Swe], Hegemon [Fra], Awe [Gre], Lathspell [Fin], Inexorable End [Esp], Thou Shell of Death [Est], Permafrost [Ger], Katechon [Nor], “Hells Headbangers Records” [Usa], Valdur [Usa], “Ledo Takas Records” [Ltu], Lifestream [Fra], Khashm [Rus], Kringa [Aut], “The Sinister Flame” [Fin], Mefitic [Ita], Nahash [Ltu], LvxCælis [Chi], mostly digging into ideological side of their creativity and entire Black Metal! Be sure to check releases section and place your order!

2015 11 30

When the time leaves the melancholy of autumn and enters the darkness of winter, the moment comes to present the new issue of “Forgotten Path Magazine”! The 7th edition offers you interviews with Kjeld [Ned], LVTHN [Bel], Luctus [Ltu], Kafirun [Can], Verräter [Usa], Tortorum [Nor], Mortifera [Fra], Amestigon [Aut], Tharaphita [Est], Darkestrah [Ger], White Death [Fin], Dissimulation [Ltu], Earth and Pillars [Ita], Embrace of Thorns [Gre], “Burning Abyss” magazine [Pol], as well as other usual stuff – reports, articles, reviews. See releases section for more information. Order now!

We must admit that we haven’t been active updating this site, as it is really more comfortable to follow the news on the Facebook profile for you (and us as well), but we have never abandoned (nor ever will!) our ideals! After all, the purpose always remains the same one – spreading the darkness!

2014 12 07

Pretty unexpectedly the year 2014 was more intense for Forgotten Path than we could imagine… Just several weeks after the new issue of our zine was published, we present the sophomore album on Inquisitor, “Clinamen | Episteme”. Check our releases section for more information.

2014 11 24

We didn’t give too many opportunities for you to get updated this time, but after all – the essence is the most important, isn’t it? So, new month of November brings the new issue of “Forgotten Path Magazine”. This time we offer the thickest publication that we have ever made. Find more info in our releases section. All other details are the same as always, so go and order right now!

2014 07 27

You may think that we stopped doing our work, but that is true only with the updates on our official site (though we constantly put something new in our Facebook profile, cause it’s faster and easier). But don’t worry – everything goes as planned. We have already more than 60 percent of the whole content finished and the next two months will be crucial for finalizing the entire content of the 6th issue. So, as promised several years ago – at the same time, at the same place in November…

2014 01 30

It’s no secret – we have already started working on the 6th issue of the magazine and are moving forward with our duties. Several new bands have been confirmed for the interviews, which will be announced some time later here, or on our Facebook profile. We have also managed to get some deals with different labels all around the world, who help us spreading our zine in the farthest corners. Check out the entire list of our official distributors.

By the way, anyone interested in getting reviewed in the upcoming 6th issue, should send only physical copies to our address. In order to make everything right on time, we must receive the parcel until the 1st of September, so keep that in mind.

2013 11 23

It’s November again, remember? As promised, we present you the 5th publication of “Forgotten Path Magazine”. Please, visit our release section to find out all the info on the new issue. Also, let me remind you that it is possible to look for the present (and past) issues of the zine in the distros of our distributors.

And though it has been a personal struggle for us, we have finally stepped through ourselves and created our Facebook profile for those, who wish to follow us over there. Don’t forget to share and spread the news, thanks!

Now, give us several months to take a deep breath and we will start working on our next issue, which you can expect at the same month of November in 2014. We have already many plans for it!

2013 02 05

As I’m the editor of “Forgotten Path Magazine”, my main concern is not only to prepare the interview with the band that I like, but also to make it as interesting, clear and well organized as possible. Maybe sometimes this concern is too big and different kind of misunderstandings may happen. But when two intelligent and respectful personalities collide, everything is welcome to be solved. Therefore we present you the original and non-edited version of the interview with Lord Beezanborgh (Temple of Baphomet, ex-Rex Satanachia) from Denmark, which was published in FPM#4. Read.

2013 02 01

It is time to present the second audio release of “Forgotten Path Records”. Now you judge the second full-length album from Lithuanian Black Metal outfit Dark Ravage. Find out all the needed info in releases section.

2012 12 17

Hey, just two weeks of delays (though it is the same – not doing the stuff on time), but now we can officially announce – the 4th issue of “Forgotten Path Magazine” has been released! Have a look for more details at release section and be quick to place your order.

So far you can contact and make the order directly from us, but from the middle of January you will be able to order the magazine directly from the distributors in the whole world. Check the official list. We will be constantly expanding it.

Also don’t forget to check the updated distro list. And keep an eye on our website everyday as we will have some more news in the upcoming weeks…

2012 09 25

So after eight months of silence, here come the hottest news – the 4th issue of Forgotten Path Magazine will be released at the end of November. We have already prepared the interviews with bands from Norway, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Republic of South Africa (!), and many others. The complete list will be announced right before the release date.

By the way, if any parties are interested in advertising on the upcoming issue, get in contact for more info on add rates and conditions.

2012 02 27

The forgotten path has once again risen from the lethargy… Greetings. We have updated our website, so you can browse through the whole info again, not forgetting to visit the mailorder section, of course.

However, the most important thing is that we’re already working on the #4 issue of the magazine. I can promise two things here. First, the magazine will definitely have the best content created so far, I can see it from the present processes. And second, the release date is planned for the late autumn of 2012. And yes, this time I assure it!

2011 03 07

After almost two years of silence, the new issue of Forgotten Path Magazine has been unleashed. This time it offers 120 b/w professionally printed and designed pages of the blackest art from all corners of the world. The magazine includes different reports from Metal events/festivals, as well as more than 200 critical reviews on various albums/demos, and of course – interviews with the following acts/parties:

Shining [Swe], Loits [Est], Bestial Raids [Pol], “Antichrist/Dead Center Prods.” [Ukr], Enslaved [Nor], Luctus [Ltu], Keep of Kalessin [Nor], Graveland [Pol], Code [Gbr/Nor], “Supremacy Through Intolerance” [Ger], Empty [Esp], Strix [Ita], Animus Mortis [Chi], Teloch [Fin], Lebensessenz [Bra].

The magazine can be ordered through email forgotten.path.mag@gmail.com. The price for one copy – 6 Euros + shipping.

For all ordering info – see order section.

By the way, don’t forget to check the reviews section of our last year’s Inquisitor album’s release

And for the end, check out our updated distro catalog, with some new arrivals from “Grom Recods” and “Dunkelheit Produktionen”.

2010 04 02

Forgotten Path presents its first audio release – debut album “The Quantum Theory of Id” from Lithuanian Avant-Garde Black Metal project Inquisitor. More…

2009 09 28

Finally we have re-started our website! We also start providing the services of small mail-order and a label.

For a better understanding – read the Concept section. The site should be updated as regular as we have something new in our mail-order, or any magazine related topics.

2009 03 18

After many months of delay we can finally inform, that the new issue of Forgotten Path Magazine is finally out. And it was worth waiting for it… This time the magazine is much thicker – 132 b/w pages of pure Black Metal – and is of much better quality – glossy paper, laminated cover, and professional layout.

This time you will find 25 interviews, more than 300 reviews, reports, etc. The interviewed bands are as follows: Skyforger [Lat], 1349 [Nor], Impiety [Sng], Krater [Ger], Hekel [Ned], Livsnekad [Nor], Niroth [UK], Blood Stained Dusk [Usa], Argharus [Ltu], Pagan Heritage [Ned], Thyrgrim [Ger], Berserk [Esp], Besatt [Pol], Elhaz [Fra], Argus Megere [Rom], Abigor [Aut], Black Messiah [Ger], Bloodthirst [Pol], Fearbringer [Ita], Hellbox [Fin], Chthonic [Tai], Novembre [Ita], Paroxysmal Descent [Aus], Angantyr [Den], Har Shatan [Ger].

You can order your copy through email forgotten.path.mag@gmail.com.
The price for one copy – 7 Euros + shipping.

For all ordering info – see order section.