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Deaththrasher Zine [Per]: the guy behind this “zine” is a total impostor. Do not try to get into any contact or deal with him. His address:

  c/o armando mutilador
avenida morro solar 1712
residencial monterrico sur
santiago de surco
lima 33 peru
south america

Osiris Productions [Svk]: receives money and disappears – no answers, no order shipping, nothing. Keep away.

Profusion Metalstore [Can]: this person, Francisco Laranjo, who is (was) responsible for running the shop, seemed to be a really nice guy while arranging the consignment deal, but became absolutely invisible and inaccessible when it was time to pay the bills. Shame!

Propaganda [Ukr]: there’s always a way to solve problems that occur due to misunderstandings, post service troubles, and so on. However this label was too arrogant to even bother. Just take a look at their “blacklist” – it seems they have constant problems with everybody, except themselves.


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