Absonus Noctis “Penumbral Inorgantia” [2005] – 5 Eur
(debut album, Atmospheric BM project from USA)

Amenthis “Dualism” [2007] – 5 Eur
(debut album from Brazilian Death Metal horde)

Amnion “Cryptic Wanderings” [2008] – 4 Eur
(side project of Empty members, debut album)

Andhakara Caitanya Тёмное Cознание” [2018] – 7 Eur
(intensive, raw and mysterious Black Metal from unknown lands)

Apolion “Hungry of Souls” [2007] – 4 Eur
(Darkthrone influenced Black Metal from Italy)

Apostate “Trapped in a Sleep” [2010] – 5 Eur
(the return of Ukrainian Death/Doom Metal veterans)

Arathyr “Curse Man’s Blame” [2008] – 4 Euros
(debut Black Metal release from the heart of Poland)

Arkhtinn 最初の災害” [2018] – 8 Eur
(mysterious and raw Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal)

Ars Macabra / Cosmic Ekpyrosis “Nil Sine Deo” [2011] – 5 Euros
(collaboration in high quality Black Metal, two bands from Italy and Greece)

Aryadeva “Kshatra” [2006] – 5 Eur
(Folk/Black Metal debut from Ukraine, with bonus tracks)

Ash Pool “For Which He Plies the Lash” [2010] – 5 Euros
(second and the best full-length of well known American BM project)

Athos “The Awakening of Athos” [2007] – 5 Eur
(debut album from Greek BM project)

Atomizer “Caustic Music for the Spiritually Bankrupt” [2008] – 4 Eur
(the newest album from Australian filthy blackers)

Atomizer “Songs of Slaughter – Songs of Sacrifice” [2004] – 4 Eur
(mini album from Australian horde)

Avenger “Feast of Anger / Joy of Despair” [2009] – 5 Eur
(strongest Deathend Black Metal from Czech Republic)

Balance Interruption “Nuclear War for Rescue” [2007] – 5 Eur
(Black Metal from Ukraine)

Blåkulla “Hymns to the Past Glory” [2013] – 4 Eur
(mystic Black Metal from France)

Bloodthorn “Genocide” [2006] – 5 Eur
(the newest album from Norwegian extremists)

Campo de Mayo / Permafrost “A Blindfold Stained with Blood / Haunting the Forgotten” [2009] – 5 Eur
(two Argentinean projects run by one person on one split)

Celtic Danse “Ancient Battlecry” [2014] – 4 Eur
(the re-release of the debut album from Portugal cult act)

Daemonolith “By Order of Decimation” [2009] – 5 Eur
(best Scottish Black Metal band, debut album)

Demogorgon “Christ is a Lie” [2008] – 5 Eur
(Polish Death Metal of the best quality)

Dimentianon “Collapse the Void” [2010] – 4 Eur
(new mini-album from the band, led by “Paragon Records” chief)

Dolentia / Tumulum “Da Terra Que Comungamos” [2009] – 5 Eur
(fresh split from two Portuguese BM bands)

Door into Emptiness “Vada” [2011] – 5 Eur
(debut album from Ambient Death/Black Metal act from Belarus)

Elixir of Distress “Kontynent [2018] – 8 Eur
(an interesting line of exile of the Soviet times in Black Metal)

Embrace of Thorns “…for I See Death in their Eyes…” [2017] – 10 Eur
(the re-issue of the debut demo by the Greek monsters)

Empheris “A Tribute to Black Desires” [2007] – 4 Eur
(the compilation of pre-Empheris songs, created while the band was still name Eris)

Ende “Goétie Funeste” [2018] – 10 Eur
(incredibly strong album by the French project)

Evil “Studna” [2015] – 8 Eur
(fresh new album from probably best known Slovakian Black Metal act)

Fjorsvartnir “Legions of the North” [2012] – 6 Eur
(Melodic Black Metal with Folk touches from Denmark, a superb debut album)

Flame of War “Long Live Death!” [2012] – 5 Eur
(the 4th opus of killer War Black Metal from Poland)

Frost Legion “Death of Mankind” [2014] – 5 Eur
(debut album from Portuguese horde, intense Black Metal with some Thrashy touches)

Gravewürm “Blood of the Pentagram” [2010] – 5 Eur
(Thrash/Black opus from cult American horde)

Grenade “The Howling Damned” [2007] – 4 Eur
(first Australian Black/Death attack)

Grimlair “Locked Up and Forgotten” [2007] – 6 Eur
(second album released in A5/DVD digipack version)

Grimlair “Self-Inflicted State” [2011] – 5 Eur
(new album from well known French project)

Hanternoz “Metal Kozh” [2008] – 4 Eur
(epic Celtic/Black Metal from France)

Haunting Depths “Death’s Sacred Fire” [2017] – 8 Eur
(mysterious project, supreme Black Metal art for the Satanic elite)

Hekel “De Dodenvaart” [2006] – 5 Eur
(great debut from the mysterious horde from Netherlands)

Hrizg “Oaken Path of Grief” [2007] – 4 Eur
(debut album from Spanish Black Metal horde)

Impetuous Rage “Inverted Redemption” [2007] – 4 Eur
(last and only album, Death Metal from Brazil)

Inferis “In the Path of Malignant Spirits” [2007] – 5 Eur
(debut album from Death Metal horde from Chile)

Inferis “Obscure Rituals of Death and Destruction” [2013] – 5 Eur
(Chilean extremists strike back!)

Inferno “Live Plague” [2008] – 5 Eur
(best active Czech Black Metal horder playing live)

Infidel “Eviscerate Yourself” [2012] – 4 Eur
(mini album from perspective Polish Black Metal act)

Infinity “Non de Hac Terra” [2012] – 5 Eur
(Dutch titans with their most prominent release so far)

Inquisitor “The Quantum Theory of Id” [2010] – 5 Eur
(debut album from promising Avant-Garde Black Metal band from Lithuanian, released by “Forgotten Path Records”)

Kali-Yuga / Varhorn “Aham Kali / Vookhoo the Raven” [2005] – 5 Eur
(two BM bands from Russia on one CD)

Karna Project “The Haunted: Age of Destruction” [2007] – 4 Eur
(Black Metal/Ambient from Russia)

Kill “Death Kill Metal” [2011] – 4 Eur
(EP of great Death Metal from Poland)

Killgasm “A Stab in the Heart of Christ” [2014] – 5 Eur
(excellent Grincore + Black Metal? Here you go, sir)

Labyrinth of Abyss “The Cult of Turul Pride” [2007] – 5 Eur
(debut album, remastered and contains a bonus video)

Lebensessenz “Terra Nullis – a Tribute to Antarctica” [2004] – 2 Eur
(first album of sensational Neo-Classical music on CDr)

Lebensessenz “Wenn der Wald Zum Traum Wird” [2004] – 2 Eur
(Brazilian Neo-Classical music on CDr)

Lebensessenz “Der Abend des Abschieds” [2005] – 2 Eur
(Brazilian Neo-Classical music on CDr)

Lebensessenz “Das Drama der Einsamkeit” [2006] – 2 Eur
(Brazilian Neo-Classical music on CDr)

LVTHN “The Spider Goddess” [2018] – 8 Eur
(ominous Black Metal from Belgium)

LvxCælis The Watchers” [2015] – 8 Eur
(latest album from the Chilean occultists)

Marblebog “Wind of Moors” [2008] – 5 Eur
(last full-length studio album from famous Hungarian project, re-released by “Tour de Garde”)

Moloch Letalis / Hate Them All “ Czara Śmierci” [2013] – 5 Eur
(two Polish extreme hordes collide their effort for the new split release)

Mortuus Caelum “Ad Libertatem Per Mortem” [2012] – 4 Eur
(Satanic Black Metal from Greece)

Mournblade “Mangled Lies” [2005] – 4 Eur
(the only release of American thrashers)

Muerte Villa “La Conquista” [2005] – 3 Eur
(the only release from American deathers)

На Распутье “Early Demos (1998-2003)” [2009] – 4 Eur
(early material of Slavic patriots, re-released on CD format)

Necrovorous “Plains of Decay” [2017] – 8 Eur
(true Metal of Death from Greece)

Nox Illunis “Metempsychosis” [2012] – 4 Eur
(Black Metal from Italy)

Oldblood “Possessed by Metal from Hell” [2013] – 4 Eur
(dirty Speed/Thrash/Black Metal, debut from Slovakian project)

Orewoet Afrodisiacum der Vroomheid[2016] – 5 Eur
(debut of Dutch project, members from Cirith Gorgor, Belial, Gestalte, etc.)

Oskal “Stahlkrieg / Blazes of Sunset” [2008] – 4 Eur
(so far the last material from Russian heathen project)

Pagalguenna “Dreams” [2007] – 5 Eur
(debut album from German act)

Pagan Hellfire “At the Resting Depths Eternal” [2018] – 8 Eur
(newest material from Canadian project)

Paroxysmal Descent “Paradigm of Decay” [2009] – 5 Eur
(incredible debut from Australia)

Pensées Nocturnes “Grotesque” [2010] – 5 Eur
(second album from sensational project from France)

Pure “J’aurais Dû” [2017] – 8 Eur
(one man project from Switzerland, pure and raw Black Metal)

Rex Satanachia “First Legion of Hell” [2008] – 5 Eur
(amazing debut EP from Danish Satan worshipers)

Rexor “Nox Obscura Sortis” [2012] – 4 Eur
(new EP from promising Italian act)

Ritual Suicide “Consecration Bound in Cruor” [2013] – 4 Eur
(underground Raw Black Metal from Ukraine)

Sartegos “As Fontes do Negrume” [2013] – 5 Eur
(new tracks from this promising Black/Death duo from Galicia)

Serpents Lair “Perpetual Hunger” [2018] – 8 Eur
(new and stronger generation of Danish Black Metal)

Severe Storm / Slavecrushing Tyrant “We will Drown the Dawn in Blood” [2010] – 5 Eur
(split album from two Polish patriotic Black Metal acts)

Shrine of Orpheus “Λυκόφως” [2017] – 10 Eur
(occult and mysterious Black Metal from Greece, debut album on digipak)

Sick “Satanism. Sickness. Solitude.” [2006] – 5 Eur
(debut album from Belarus, promising act)

Sieghetnar “Todessehnsucht” [2006] – 4 Eur
(second album of productive project from Germany)

Silhouette “Theory of Dream” [2008] – 5 Eur
(debut mini album from very promising Lithuanian Progressive Metal act)

Sinworm “Isolation Supreme” [2009] – 3 Eur
(Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore from USA)

Slægt “Ildsvanger” [2016] – 8 Eur
(debut album by bestial sensation from Denmark, re-release in super-jewel-case, including debut demo and split material)

Skon “At the End of a Journey” [2010] – 4 Eur
(superb side project from ex Slavigrom, Inferno, Warmarch member)

Sombre Labyrinthe “Heptagram Rising” [2008] – 5 Eur
(first and thus the only album from Belgian project)

Sombre Présage “Intégrisme” [2007] – 4 Eur
(Dark Ambient/Drone project from the chief of Occultum Productions)

Soulcide / Nuclear Winter “Misanthropy / Beyond the Nought” [2003] – 4 Eur
(split between two Slavish BM bands)

Svartpest “Ved Den Drabelige Inngang Til Helvete” [2003] – 4 Eur
(the only album from Norwegian anti-Christians)

Svartthron “Obscure Telepathy” [2007] – 4 Eur
(second album of Ambient BM project from Lithuania)

Svartthron “Obscure Telepathy” [2007] – 5 Eur
(second album released in A5 digipack version)

Svartthron “Soundtrack to my Solitude” [2007] – 5 Eur
(debut long playing album released in A5 digipack version)

Tartaros “Darkened Destiny” [2012] – 5 Eur
(cult album from the cult Dutch band)

Thoth “Zamglenie” [2010] – 5 Eur
(sophomore album from project with Rob Darken on keys)

Thrall “Aokigahara Jukai” [2013] – 5 Eur
(opus of Australian Black Metal with the label of “Moribund Records”)

Tjolgtjar “Holnijimnjok” [2007] – 4 Eur
(American Black Metal)

Tondra / Nordic Mist “Cracking the Hoarfrost / Into the Psyche Delve” [2006] – 4 Eur
(split from two US extreme bands)

Ulfhethnar “Reawakening the Wrath of Yore” [2012] – 5 Eur
(the second album from Argentine BM horde)

Urgrund “Disciples of Supremacy” [2007] – 4 Eur
(last album from Australian black thrashers)

V/a “Pericvlosvm Records Compilation – Lust and Evil Desire vol.1” [2019] – 2 Eur
(wtf?! say no more…)

Volh “Solemn March into the Ragnarok” [2006] – 4 Eur
(folk influenced Black Metal from Russia)

Vukodlak “Blackest Autumn” [2001] – 4 Eur
(mini album from American Satanists)

Xess “We, the Great Newrotics” [2010] – 5 Eur
(the second album from cult Lithuanian harsh Gothic Metal act)

Ysbaddaden “Scourging the Final Scintilla of Faith” [2018] – 4 Eur
(debut album from American project)

Zargof “Departure for the Cosmic Twilight” [2004] – 5 Eur
(incredible Pagan/Black from Brazil)

Zmora “Popioły tego Świata” [2013] – 5 Eur
(mysterious debut from Polish Black Metal underground scene)

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