Au Milieu des Ruines #2 [Fra, 2017] – 2 Eur
(A5, 18 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Wolfnacht, Goatmoon, Two Runes, Kvasir’s Blood; new mini-zine from France, dedicated to radical NSBM scene)

Buttfuck: the underground archives – 1988-1993 [Gre, 2018] – 10 Eur
(A4, 194 pages, b/w, professionally printed; the iconic Greek fanzine restored! The English issues (#4, #5) in a softcover version, includes 75 (!) interviews with numerous bands presentations, biographies, demo and album reviews from whole underground extreme scene; visit
Fryktos site for more info on this incredible publication)

Corrosive Altars Zine #5 [Usa, 2018] – 3 Eur
(A5, 38 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Nocturnal Damnation, Savage Deity, Expulsed Angel, Sex Messiah, Embrace of Thorns, Hymns + audio and print reviews; very simple, standard, but sincere diy zine from United States)

Crush the Cross Zine #12 [Bra, 2019] – 3 Eur
(A4, 32 page, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Psicorragia, Gravewards, Demonic Hate, Demonized Legion, “Forgotten Path Magazine”, Witchcraft/Old Crucifix + reviews, reports; finally – entirely English, simple publication from Brazil, prepared in old-school manner; comes with a diy patch)

Embriotomia Zine #5 [Mex, 2018] – 4 Eur 
(A4, 68 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Alfonso “Artgore” Ruiz, Roberto Toderico, Jenglot Hitam,  Diego “Hellbastard” Mena, “Vhan Artworks”, Nestor Avalos, Raul Fuentes (Mörtuus Art), “Nekromanzer Illustration”, Mfa Xii, Mark Riddick, Marcus Ludwig (Black Deathsign), Juanjo Castellano, Heri Nurdin (Mythology Art), “Blacky Winter”, “Depravarts Iztapalapan Hunger”, Miguel A.Castro el Atolinga, “Arts of Perversion”, Alfredo “All Gore” Pickman, Emiliano Albelda (Black Art) + audio reviews; special issue, dedicated to the drawing artists of visual side of Metal)

Feed the Beast #1 [Ger, 2019] – 5 Eur
(A4, 34 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews Antiversum, Coscradh,  Dead Congregation, Jupiterian, Pentacle, Taphos; only interviews – no articles, no live-reports, no reviews, just pure knowledge)

Forgotten Path #2 [Ltu, 2009] – 7 Eur 
(A4, 132 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Skyforger, 1349, Impiety, Krater, Hekel, Livsnekad, Niroth, Blood Stained Dusk, Argharus, Pagan Heritage, Thyrgrim, Berserk, Besatt, Elhaz, Argus Megere, Abigor, Black Messiah, Bloodthirst, Fearbringer, Hellbox, Chthonic, Novembre, Paroxysmal Descent, Angantyr, Har Shatan + reviews, reports; sick number of reviews, amazing layout and thick contest)

Forgotten Path #3 [Ltu, 2011] – 6 Eur 
(A4, 120 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Shining, Loits, Bestial Raids, “Antichrist/Dead Center Prods.”, Enslaved, Luctus, Keep of Kalessin, Graveland, Code, Empty, “Supremacy Through Intolerance”, Strix, Animus Mortis, Teloch, Lebensessenz + reports, more than 200 reviews; the newest issue of Lithuanian Black Metal supporters)

Forgotten Path #4 [Ltu, 2012] – 6 Eur 
(A4, 124 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Cult of Erinyes, Phlegein, Balmog, Warthane, Wodensthrone, A Winter Lost, Lunar Aurora, “Soleil Tryste Zine”, Adamus Exul, “Dunkelheit Produktionen”, Skon, Lord Beezanborgh, Celestia, Amžius, Pseudogod, Beastcraft + reports, reviews and an article on the new generation of Polish Black Metal scene; definitely the best and most intriguing issue so far)

Forgotten Path #5 [Ltu, 2013] – 6 Eur 
(A4, 100 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Christicide, Demonic Slaughter, Eternity, Division, Monstraat, “Paragon Records”, Nyksta, Gone Postal, Svartidauði, “Call to the Infernal Hordes Zine”, Rotting Christ, Lux Divina, Selbst, Patria, Sanctophoby, Entartung, Pact + reports, reviews; the anniversary issue of the zine, not as thick as usually, but with a better concentration on the quality of the content)

Forgotten Path #6 [Ltu, 2014] – 6 Eur 
(A4, 132 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Nivlhel, Anthro Halaust, Pestilential Shadows, Drunemeton (ex-Heresiarch Seminary), “Oaken Throne Zine”, Gorrch, Necrohell, Thorybos, Graveborne, Saligia, Inthyflesh, Serpents Lair, Popravčí Vrch, Zargof, “Grom Records”, Slidhr, Grave Miasma, Norman Shores, A.M.S.G., Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult and three Lithuanian bands – Devlsy, Inquisitor and Living Altar + three special articles, reports from local Metal festivals, and tones of reviews; the thickest issue so far!)

Forgotten Path #7 [Ltu, 2015] – 6 Eur
(A4, 110 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Kjeld, LVTHN, Luctus, Kafirun, Verräter, Tortorum, Mortifera, Amestigon, Tharaphita, Darkestrah, White Death, Dissimulation, Earth and Pillars, Embrace of Thorns, “Burning Abyss” magazine + special reports, article; the satanic path continues coming with darkness…)

Forgotten Path #9 [Ltu, 2017] – 6 Eur
(A4, 136 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Acrimonious, Marthyrium, Israthoum, Sisyphean, “Amor Fati Productions”, Wiegedood, Ars Veneficium, Ulvegr, Pénitence Onirique, Nox Formulae, Katakomb, “V.I.T.R.I.O.L Zine”, Stygian Temple, Acherontas, Harvest Gulgaltha, Туман, and special article on “The golden era of Lithuanian 90s Pagan Black Metal” (Poccolus, Angis, “Dangus Productions”, Ha Lela, and others) + usual reports, reviews and spirit of Black Metal)

Forgotten Path #10 [Ltu, 2018] – 6 Eur
(A4, 92 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Gevurah, Shroud of Satan, Blaze of Perdition, Spectral Wound, “Tour de Garde”, Flagellant, Burial Hordes, Andhakara Caitanya, Crypts of Despair, Chaos Invocation, Urarv, Profundum, Azaghal + usual reports, reviews and dedication to the spiritual side of BM)

Into the Tomb #3 [Pol, 2018] – 4 Eur
(A5, 88 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with
Unholy War, Chamber of Unlight, Aihos, Blood Worship, Malakhim, Matterhorn, Morketida, Uhrilahja, Ovate, Cień
+ album reviews; English version of the Polish zine, dedicated to Satanic Metal)

Metal Horde Zine #23 [Por, 2018] – 4 Eur
(A5, 58 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Analepsy, Gravewards, Stälker, Apokalyptic Raids, Taphos Nomos, Aversio Humanitatis, Biolence; less interviews this time, but more attention for reviews and reports)

Metal Horde Zine #24 [Por, 2019] – 4 Eur
(A5, 78 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Zealot Cult, Confessor A.D,
Тиран/”Wings of Destruction”, Wanderer, Morgengrau, Wastëland Riders, Satanic Tony (Wintercold, Woe is the Accursed Earth, “Salute Records”), Genocide Beast, Warfield Thrash, Necrot, Arghura (Nakkiga, UR, “Arghura zine”); when you’re hot – you can’t stop; Nuno delivers another issue of this publication)

Slowly We Rot #12 [Rou, 2018] – 5 Eur
(A4, 52 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Abhorrence, Abolishing the Ignominious, Aesthetics of a Loss, Bathory (vintage interview), Big Bad Wolf, Chasing Death, Convictive, Deathmace, Deus Omega, Dispyt, Dornenreich, Dungeon, DungeönHammer, Early Death, Haeiresis, Horna, Human Serpent, Infernotion, Insineratehymn, Internal Bleeding, Lelahell, Lycanthro, On Thorns I Lay, Perennial Quest, Piercing Immortality, Presumption, Provectus, Schattenfang, Strip the Soul, Vomitory, Vulcano, Wallachia, Wrathrone; second issue per year, same amount of information, same sections, same quality, same passion + CD compilation)

Terozin Zine #6 [Bul, 2019] – 4 Eur
(A5, 60 pages, xeroxed; interviews with Perverted Ceremony, Deiquisitor, Infernalis Irae, Forbidden Temple, Deathly Scythe, SolarMass, Expulsed Angel, Hellavenger, Morbid Perversion, Old Crucifix, Hatross + reviews, and other Metal related texts; old-school oriented zines from Bulgaria)

The Sinister Flame #5 [Fin, 2016] – 6 Eur
(A4, 52 pages, b/w, professionally printed; interviews with Mordor, “Darker than Black Records”/Absurd, Abigor, “Temple of them”, Mare, Hierophant’s Descent, Xantotol, Nåstrond; your last gateway to the abyss)

Throne of Chaos Zine #7 [Por, 2019] – 4 Eur
(A5, 42 pages, b/w, xeroxed; interviews with Mallephyr, Carpatus, Raven Throne, Abhor, Embrace of Thorns, Tremor, Grá, The Infernal Sea, Severoth, Selvans, Nachtlieder, Dakhma, Nocturn, Melan Selas, “Nigredo Records”; smaller quantity, but better quality (content and visual wise) for Portuguese zines)

Thronum Sataniis #4 [Svk, 2018] – 5 Eur
(A4, 86 pages, xeroxed; interviews with Pek, Bethlehem, Worship, Father Befouled, Vasaeleth, Horns, Malignant Asceticism, Mortuus, Irkallian Oracle, Genocide Shrines, Ysengrin, Loss, Marko Marov, Die Kunst Der Finsternis, Bestia Arcana, Encoffination; the return after ten years seems to be the last one for “Thronum Sataniis”, publication published by the Slovakian zines freak Lukáš Čierny)

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