Ad Desolatum et Silentium “Itineris Exitium” [2007] – 4 Eur
(raw mystic Black Metal, incredible debut from France)

Ancient Spirit “Through Heathen Eyes” [2015] – 4 Eur
(raw and primitive BM from UK, new project from the ex-member of Forest Grave)

Azel’s Mountain “Azels Mountain” [2014] – 3 Eur
(debut EP from Polish Pagan Black Metal act)

Blessed In Sin “Blessed In Sin” [1998] – 8 Eur
(“Odes Obscures” demo and live performance in one tape from cult French band)

Gohr al Krohn “La Cour de Lucifer” [2015] – 4 Eur
(French BM from the past – the re-release of only demo from project of Valnoir)

Istidraj “Blasphemous Ritual” [2006] – 3 Eur
(Raw War Black Metal from Singapore, 10 tracks including Impaled Nazarene cover)

Kuth “De Ritu Gentilium” [2013] – 4 Eur
(debut demo from a young Hungarian project, promising stuff)

Kladovest “Winterwards” [2014] – 4 Eur
(cold and atmospheric Black Metal from Ukraine)

Malhkebre “Prostration” [2006] – 3 Eur
(Satanic French Black Metal)

Nacht “Impressions of the Night” [2010] – 4 Eur
(impressive debut demo from the project of Baal, the chief of “Dunkelheit Produktionen”)

Negathor “Negathor” [2011] – 3 Eur
(debut demo from the side-project of Beleth members)

Triumphus Mortis “Crepuscolo Spirituale” [2008] – 4 Eur
(Black Metal from Italy)

Verglas “Joies Funèbres” [2012] – 3 Eur
(debut demo from Canadian project, re-release by “Tour de Garde”)

Wolves Eyes “Nostalgia in our Souls” [2015] – 3 Eur
(crude and barbaric BM invoking memories from the dark ancient UK times)

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